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Tenant Fees - How Much !!!!
Thursday, June 30, 2016

Charging incoming tenants £5 a time for ‘photocopying’ . . . or levying additional fees for ‘keys’ . . . or expecting extra money if people want to move in on a Saturday . . . would strike most folk as petty and grasping. Charging £200 to change the surname on a tenancy agreement because someone gets married or divorced verges on the plain outrageous.


These are all apparently practices in use at some agencies around the country that will increase the expenses faced by tenants when they take a rented property.


I would say immediately that these practices do not happen at DDM Residential – and never will.


For the most part the add on bits and pieces are, within the great scheme of things, quite small beer. (Although a £200 charge for changing a surname clearly is not.) However lots of bits and pieces can add up and make quite a difference.



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Damaged Goods......
Thursday, August 20, 2015

The private renting sector provides a major service in Britain today, supplying homes for millions of families and involving investments of billions of pounds. Management is a professional business – or at least it should be. 

Yet the evidence is that some property owners still take an amazingly amateurish approach in which they cut corners, trust to luck and fail to take the most basic steps to ensure that tenancies go well from their own point of view or from that of the people living in their flats and houses. It is a recipe for ending up with disputes.

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How much does it cost to change a light bulb?
Wednesday, July 1, 2015

The news that a London letting agent had charged a landlord £616 ‘to change a light bulb’ provided an irresistible opportunity for comedians, cartoonists and critics to take the mickey out of the property management industry.

As it happens the charge was not to change a bulb but to install a security light at the property. Hey-ho, why let the facts get in the way of a great headline – and I would not for a moment defend the agent’s invoice even if there was slightly more to the job than swopping a bulb. Six hundred quid to install a security light sounds a crazy amount of money, even in London.

The story has also inevitably........

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Are you legally prepared
Thursday, June 18, 2015

You’re on the market. You’ve accepted an offer. You’ve found your new home. Then nothing.

Three weeks later you get a call saying your solicitor can not find the deeds.

We believe that you should have everything in place to go as soon as you go onto the market.

Our panel of conveyancers “legally prepare” you as soon as you enter the market place and can save your the frustrating delays.

The faster you get to exchange of contracts the more certain you are of moving.

Contact any DDM Residential branch and be ahead of the game. BE READY – BE DDM READY!



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CONGRATULATIONS! 125 Years - 1889 - 2014
Sunday, April 27, 2014

Dickinson Davy & Markham founded in 1889 
:: Charles Dickinson set up in practice in Louth
:: In 1900 Ronald Davy joined and opened an office in Brigg.
:: On his death, his son, Fred Davy (who competed his articles with Mr Henry Spencer of Retford) continued 
:: Mr Jack Markham of Grimsby in 1937 joined  to create ‘Dickinson Davy & Markham’.

Many changes followed and at one time in the 1980's 16 offices covered the region from Bridlington down to Skegness.

In 1999 Graham Wilson aged just 28, completed a management buy-out and over the last 15 years has transfored the company into the largest auction, estate and letting agency in the region.

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