Lynne Pearson - AARLA

Lettings Manager and Associate Director

Branch: Lettings

Lynne Pearson - AARLA, Lettings Manager and Associate Director

Lynne has worked in the Lincolnshire rental market and has been with the company for over 20 years, she is an essential part of each DDM Residential office as she leads our dedicated Lettings Centre who manage hundreds of lettings properties throughout the region. Along with ensuring that all of our landlords and property consultants are up to date with latest industry standards. As a Letting’s Manager, she is passionate about creating positive relationships between landlords and tenants. She believes in facilitating successful and long-term rentals with a commitment to providing the level of service that is of the highest standard, with a goal to ensure that landlords and tenants have a positive experience when renting a property.

Fun Facts:

For those that know Lynne well, in another life she’d be a spy operating out of her authentic coffee shop!!, however back in the real world she loves to dabble at travel writing, as well as doting on her spoilt 4-legged fury friends.

On her wish list of places to visit are the Faroe Islands.

Drop Lynne a line if you have any espionage assignments.…or more appropriately anything ‘Lettings’.

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